Game and Nature Reserves


Manigotagan River

Manigotagan River Provincial Park is about 200 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, beginning at the northwest edge of Nopiming Provincial Park and ending 100 kilometers downstream at the community of Manigotagan, on Lake Winnipeg. It has the distinction of being Manitoba’s youngest provincial park, having begun as a Park Reserve in 1997. Back then it was the subject of intense public education and campaigning by Manitoba’s Western Canada Wilderness Committee, so in response the Manitoba government expanded the Park Reserve, establishing it as a provincial park in 2004.

Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg, lake in south-central Manitoba, Canada, at the southwestern edge of the Canadian Shield, the rocky, glaciated region of eastern Canada. Fed by many rivers, including the Saskatchewan, Red, and Winnipeg, which drain a large part of the Great Plains, the lake is drained to the northeast by the Nelson River into Hudson Bay. Lake Winnipeg, at an altitude of 713 feet (217 m), is 264 miles (425 km) long and up to 68 miles (109 km) wide. It has an area of 9,416 square miles (24,387 square km) and is one of Canada’s largest freshwater lakes.

Assiniboine Forest

Assiniboine Forest is a natural wilderness park measuring 287 hectares (700 acres) located in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The protected forest is an urban park consisting of aspen and oak trees, numerous wetland areas, grassland prairie and a selection of wildlife. The urban forest runs parallel to various city streets. One street called Grant Avenue crosses through the centre of the parkland divided it into two halves – a north and south section. South of Grant Avenue the forest parkland highlights 14 kilometres of paved, wood chip and gravel recreation trails. Some of the main paved trails connect to a larger trail system located in the more developed Assiniboine Park. Both the Assiniboine Forest and the Assiniboine Park trails are popular for hiking, biking, birdwatching, jogging and walking. The main trails in the Assiniboine Forest include the Sagimay, Preston, Sterling Lyon, Trans Canada and Harte Trails. Image Map